Terms & Conditions

Before booking lessons, please read all the T&Cs below. By booking, the T&Cs are accepted.

Rearranging Lessons and Cancellations:

Lessons can be rearranged up to the 24 hour cancellation period prior to your lesson.


If you find you are unable to attend within 24 hours of your lesson time, regardless of circumstance and including Covid-19 related matters, your lesson cannot be rearranged. Respectfully, I will be strict with the time frame of the cancellation period. However a virtual lesson, at the time of your scheduled lesson, will be available to you in lieu. This is useful for illness related cancellations. Should you choose not to have the virtual lesson, the lesson will be lost.

Lessons which have already been rearranged once cannot be rearranged again, even with notice.

Lateness (Arrival and Collection):

Students must be on time for lessons. If a student is late for the start of a lesson, lost time is lost, and cannot be added to the end of the scheduled lesson or added on to any future lessons.


Children must be collected at the time their lessons end. If the lesson time does not suit you or if you are unsure that you will be able to drop off or collect your child on time, please enquire about alternative lesson times.

No Shows:

It is your responsibility to ensure you turn up to your lessons and that you have a strong, working connection for virtual lessons. If you fail to turn up to a face-to-face lesson or fail to connect to a virtual lesson, this will be classed as a no show and the lesson will be lost.​​

Poor Attendance and a Lack of Practice:

Life will of course get in the way some weeks and I am very understanding of this, but it must be understood that a continuation of postponement of lessons, lateness, having infrequent lessons, no showing lessons and/or not practicing enough between lessons will directly result in slow progression and repetition of previous lesson content. This may consequently lead to a lack of enjoyment. Learning to play the piano requires some priority and generally a continuous commitment to having frequent guidance in the form of personalised progressive learning and enough time spent practicing between lessons. Musicians are dedicated individuals. Lessons do not count towards a piano practice. (How much practice is required depends on the individual and therefore a very reasonable practice time goal will be set by me at various points in the learning stages, to accompany the achievable objectives I set during lessons to be completed before the next lesson).



All lessons, whether paid for one by one or in a block, are to be paid for in full on the same day that I make your booking(s). Payments can be made via mobile banking or in cash. All payments are non-refundable.

Booking Lessons One by One:

I am happy to offer this payment option for lessons usually scheduled to start prior to 3pm. I will endeavor to reserve an ongoing lesson time if needed for those who wish to book just one lesson at a time. Respectfully, enquiries for weekly lessons will be prioritised over enquiries for less frequent lessons.


Due to demand, to keep admin to a minimum, lessons scheduled to start from 3pm onwards are required to be weekly and are to be paid for in blocks of a minimum of four lessons. See below.

Block Bookings:

Booking in blocks secures your ongoing lesson time. For ease, most of my students choose to pay via standing order every four, eight or ten weeks.

If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend a lesson, whether during term time or school holidays, please inform me with as much notice as possible. Then, feel free to amend your payment/standing order for that block accordingly, or I will owe you the outstanding lessons.

Unless you are otherwise informed by me, as a private teacher not bound to the confines of school terms, I teach throughout all school holidays and on bank holidays. I therefore assume that block bookings of lessons will continue as normal through these periods unless I am told otherwise. It is your responsibility to rearrange your lessons for school holidays and bank holidays before the 24 hour cancellation period, should you wish to do so.

Block bookings of ten lessons receive one free lesson. The free lesson will be automatically used up if you cancel a lesson within the 24 hour cancellation period and do not wish to have a virtual lesson in lieu, or if you no show a lesson. It can be useful to have this wild card. If it is not used up, the free lesson will be had at the end of the paid block. However, it cannot be used in conjunction with a discount. (Either the block is discounted if you are applicable, or you have the free lesson).


I hope these measures will give you confidence in knowing that you are learning in a clean, Covid-aware environment. By booking, you agree to follow the small steps I ask my students to follow to allow me to teach safely. Please read my Covid-19 measures by clicking here.