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Terms & Conditions​

By booking, the T&Cs are accepted.​

Rearranging Lessons

If you inform me of an absence prior to 48 hours ahead of a lesson, I will endeavor to rearrange your lesson, however this is subject to availability and can't be guaranteed.


Rearranged lessons are booked in addition to your usual lesson schedule (rather than as a replacement for a scheduled lesson). If the affected lesson hasn't been held within two weeks of the original lesson date, the lesson is lost. For lessons during school holidays, rearrangements are likely to be made with ease, particularly when notice is given. However during term-time I recommend that lessons are attended as scheduled, because it is improbable an alternative time to hold the lesson will be available.

If you inform me of an absence for the following 48 hour period for any reason including illness, a remote lesson will be offered to you. (Remote lessons are simply held over FaceTime, WhatsApp video call, or Zoom). If you choose not to have the remote lesson, your lesson is lost.

My Availability

Lessons are held Monday-Friday, typically between the hours of 12pm-8pm.


I teach throughout all school holidays and on bank holidays as normal.


However, my availability excludes periods of my annual leave and key dates in the public annual calendar (limited to Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Day and Easter Monday).

Should I contract Covid-19, if I am well enough I will teach remotely as scheduled. If you choose not to have the remote lesson, your lesson is lost.

If you pay via standing order and your lesson doesn't take place because I am unavailable (i.e. a lesson falls on one of the key dates listed above, I'm on annual leave, or I'm too unwell to teach remotely), I will rearrange your lesson at my earliest convenience. (In these circumstances only, rearranged lessons may be rearranged for a weekend and I will endeavor to hold such lessons within four weeks. Again, rearranged lessons are booked in addition to your usual lesson schedule, rather than as a replacement for a scheduled lesson).

No Shows

It is your responsibility to book lessons into your diary, to ensure you turn up to your lessons and that you have a strong, working connection for remote lessons. If you fail to turn up to a face-to-face lesson or fail to connect to a remote lesson for any reason, this will be classed as a no show and the lesson will be lost.​​

Lateness (Arrival and Collection)

Students must be on time for lessons. If a student is late for the start of a lesson, lost time is lost, and cannot be added to the end of the scheduled lesson or added on to any future lessons.


Children must be collected at the time their lessons end. If the lesson time does not suit you or if you are unsure that you will be able to drop off or collect your child on time, please enquire about alternative lesson times.​

A Note on Commitment

Naturally life will get in the way some weeks and I am very sympathetic of this, however a continuation of lateness, no showing lessons and/or not practicing quite enough between lessons is usually likely to result in slower progression and in most cases repetition of previous lesson content. Learning to play the piano generally requires both a continuous commitment to having frequent, personalised guidance and adequate time spent practicing between most lessons. How much practice is required depends on the individual. (If needed, I can set a reasonable practice goal at various points in the learning stages, to accompany the achievable objectives I give during lessons intended to be further completed before the next lesson).​

Stopping Lessons

Should you wish to stop having lessons you must let me know. Full understanding will always be given. Just one lessons worth of paid notice is required.


Should an expected payment date be missed and my correspondence regarding this be ignored for longer than three days since the original payment due date, reluctantly, your ongoing lesson time is at immediate risk to be offered to my waiting list and if necessary, advertised.


All details given to you regarding your payment plan form part of these T&Cs.

All payments, regardless of payment plan, are non-refundable once made.


By booking, you agree to follow a few easy steps which allow me to teach safely. Please read my short Covid-19 measures here.

Thank you for taking the time to read my T&Cs. Please respect my requirement to remain true to these terms without exception. 


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