Terms & Conditions

Sometimes life gets in the way and you may need to rearrange a piano lesson. This is why I have a policy in place which gives you the chance to rearrange (or postpone lessons to the following week), free of charge, up to 12 hours before your lesson time. Before booking any lessons, please kindly read the T&Cs below. By booking, you agree to all the terms. If you are uncomfortable with any of the terms, I welcome you to raise your concerns with me prior to booking. Otherwise, the T&Cs stand.


Lessons cannot be booked without full payment in advance. All payments are non-refundable. Payments are to be made via mobile banking (preferred) or in cash.

Rearranging Lessons / No Shows / Covid-19:

Lessons can be rearranged (or postponed to the following week) for free up to 12 hours prior to your lesson. If you find you are unable to make your face-to-face lesson within 12 hours of your lesson time for any reason, including Covid-19 related matters, the lesson cannot be rearranged - however ​a virtual lesson will be available to you in lieu. This is to be held when your scheduled lesson is due. If you choose not to have the virtual lesson, the lesson will be lost. Therefore if you need to rearrange your lesson, please do so prior to the 12-hour period before your lesson.


If you fail to turn up to a face-to-face lesson or fail to connect to a virtual lesson, this will be classed as a no show and the lesson will be lost. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a strong, working connection for virtual lessons.

If there is a lockdown, you will have the choice of having virtual lessons or to pause lessons without any penalty until the lockdown is over.

Block bookings of ten lessons receive one free lesson. The free lesson is to be had after the block booking has finished, however, if you need to cancel a lesson from a block booking within 12 hours of that lesson and do not wish to have a virtual lesson in lieu, your free lesson will be automatically used up. *If you make any further cancellations from the same block booking within 12 hours of a lesson and do not wish to have a virtual lesson in lieu, the lesson will be lost.

I am very reliable however if I am unable to teach a face-to-face lesson, I will teach virtually if I am able to. If I am not able to teach virtually, or if you do not wish to be taught virtually, the lesson will be postponed, of course with no penalty.

Booking Individual Lessons One by One:

Each individual lesson is to be paid for in full upon booking. I cannot reserve slots without payment. If you are expecting your lessons to be held during the same slot every week, especially for evening lessons, or if you have limited flexibility, please make a block booking.

Block Bookings:

Block bookings are to be paid in full when securing the lesson slots.​ I cannot reserve ongoing weekly slots without payment.


I strongly recommend making block bookings for evening lessons, as they are very popular.


If your block is nearly finished and you wish to continue lessons at the same day/time each week, please rebook as soon as possible.

You can book as many lessons as you like in a block. I recommend booking in blocks of no less than four. Block bookings of ten lessons receive one free lesson. The free lesson will be the same length as the length of lessons you book for your block. (The free lesson is to be had after the block booking has finished. See * in Rearranging Lessons / No Shows / Covid-19 above for further information).