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Susannah is a lovely, talented tutor, with lots of patience. I'm a complete beginner but she has helped me over the last few months to gain confidence to learn music and play the piano.

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Susannah is extremely professional, a great communicator and an excellent piano teacher to my six year old boy. He is always keen to attend lessons with her! Her understanding of the needs of my child is amazing. I highly recommend her to both children and adult learners of the instrument.

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Couldn't ask for a better teacher. Susannah has an abundance of patience, is friendly and extremely encouraging. I'm improving and thoroughly enjoying my lessons.




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Susannah is a professional teacher. My son enjoys one to one lessons with her and I am happy with his progress and the communication between us all. I recommend lessons with Susannah as she is very nice, patient and is an understanding teacher.


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Susannah is an amazing piano teacher. She is so patient and motivates her students to learn. I'm so thankful that my daughter has regained her interest in learning the piano.


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I have been having lessons with Susannah. I’m 60 and have always wanted to learn to play. Having now semi retired, I suddenly have time. I wondered if it would be possible to learn, but under Susannah’s gentle guidance it is starting to happen.

The lessons are pitched at my level of ability with gentle progression and challenges which I enjoy. Susannah is warm, friendly and welcoming and it feels comfortable to get it wrong, to make a terrible noise but to come away feeling you know how to move forward with the piece you are learning. Communication around lessons and payments are clear.

Today, I’ve come away from my lesson feeling really inspired to practice and to learn more. So, if you’ve thought about learning and you’re not sure who to book lessons with, I would really recommend Susannah.


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Susannah is a lovely, kind lady, who understands that piano can be a fun hobby, not a race for grades. My daughter is so relaxed after her weekly lesson and is making excellent progress while enjoying herself. I highly recommend Susannah. My daughter's confidence is improving in all areas, due to finding something she loves and has a talent for, with no pressure.


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My ten year old daughter and I feel very lucky to have discovered Susannah. She is a brilliant piano teacher. Her kind and supportive nature helps to build confidence. We have both progressed very quickly and look forward to our lessons. I would recommend Susannah to anyone who is interested in learning to play the piano.


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Susannah is friendly, patient and professional and my little boy of 7 absolutely loves his lessons each week. Susannah always makes sure the lessons are fun and taught at the right level to make my boy feel comfortable with his learning and practice. He often says that he has ‘The best piano teacher ever!’.


Extremely good value for money with a great pay as you go scheme that has been put in place to suit all. Excellent all round! Would highly recommend signing up to Piano with Susannah!


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I have found Susannah to be a balance of kind and understanding whilst gently challenging me to extend my learning and practice. I enjoy my lessons, and already feel I’ve learnt a lot and filled in gaps which I felt were missing from my music knowledge. I’ve felt encouraged and motivated and this has led to me wanting to practice between lessons.

The admin side and payment is so well managed as is communication around lessons. The lessons are given in a warm and comfortable home. We laugh, which is important to me as it helps me to feel we are connected and invested in my aims and also helps me to feel relaxed. I have felt completely okay to say if I don’t understand, or if my left hand feels like an alien when it won’t do what I want it to do. I look forward to the lessons and to discussing what’s next... And I can play some pieces already.
Thank you Susannah


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We would highly recommend Susannah - she is an excellent piano teacher who is very professional, patient, passionate and friendly. Her engaging personality and contagious enthusiasm means that our son looks forward to his lesson every week and comes away feeling good about his achievements, very inspired and full of creative energy. Susannah gives regular feedback and suggestions for how our son can make further progress and she supports him in all areas of the ABRSM curriculum.


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My seven year old daughter has piano lessons with Susannah once a week. Susannah provides a relaxed atmosphere that puts my daughter at ease and also always holds her interest, something that is not always easy after school.

My daughter had never played an instrument before. But Susannah's teaching skills and calm manner has meant that in a short space of time, she has easily managed to make rapid progress with my daughter. She has both given her with the skills to read music and the basic playing skills that will easily be built on in the future.

I cannot over recommend Susannah and I am thoroughly grateful to her for opening up the world of music to my daughter. Susannah has given her the beginning steps for something that will potentially change her through out her life, by enabling her to play music and appreciate the skills involved when she hears others play. My daughter has had the perfect, patient and friendly teacher introducing her to the piano.


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Susannah provides a flexible learning plan to suit the way each individual adult/child learns to play the piano and the music they want to learn. Susannah is a friendly and patient teacher who provides a comfortable environment which is ideal for adults and children to learn and enjoy the piano.


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Susannah is such a wonderful teacher to my eight year old daughter. My daughter started having lessons with Susannah in September and what she has learned in such little time is amazing! Susannah has so much patience. My little girl just looks forward to her lesson every week and comes out so happy!!​


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My 7 year old daughter has been going to Susannah for a few months now and she looks forward to every lesson. It is so lovely to see her enjoy learning the piano and it’s so easy to see how much she enjoys her lessons with all the practicing she does at home.

Susannah is supportive, encouraging and such a wonderful teacher. I would highly recommend Susannah.


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Susannah is a wonderful musician and is a supportive and caring tutor with enormous capacity to get the best from her students. Highly recommended.


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Susannah is a fabulous piano teacher. Patient, kind, friendly, very encouraging. Great with children.

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