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Summer 2023 Recital

Twenty two of my forty students across all abilities and ages played to an audience of seventy five - complete with sunshine, refreshments, programmes, gazebos, and a surprise awards ceremony with certificates and trophies! Special congratulations to the Pianist of the Year Runner-Up: Harrison, and the Pianist of the Year: Damon!

"Thank you for a great afternoon at your recital. Poppy and I really enjoyed ourselves and she is inspired by your pupils. Poppy and all your students were amazing. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and putting together such a nice event" - Lottie


"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. It was really lovely and showed what a vast area of music and ages you cover. You have some really talented musicians there and it shows even I'm not too old to get a certificate!" - Pearl

"Thank you - it's so wonderful to see all these kids and grown-ups fly under your careful watch." - Kiran

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