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Student Recitals

I give my students the opportunity to share their piano playing with each other annually, by way of organising an informal, friendly recital, complete with printed programmes, an interval and refreshments! Recitals are a brilliant opportunity to meet and to listen to like-minded, local pianists for all ages and abilities (very important for soloists!) and to practice performing pieces for upcoming exams. They provide the students with confidence, purpose and inspiration. For students who can't be present at my recitals or for those who prefer not to perform live, I give the option of filming their piano playing in advance and showing the recordings on a screen during recitals. While this is not the same as performing live, it is a way of including students who otherwise may not be able to take part.

Summer '22 Recital

"Thanks for a great afternoon. Everybody was amazing. You should be proud of them and yourself!!! Well done." - Trudy

"Thank you so much for today. You have helped Imogen so much and have supported her to build her confidence. Now she knows she can perform she can't wait to do it again! Everyone was amazing! Thank you." - Nicola

"Thank you Susannah. The boys had a great time today. It was very valuable. Thank you for arranging it and for your guidance. They enjoy your lessons so, so much and are always excited." - Chloe

"Thank you for hosting such a lovely recital today, we had a great time. Isla did so well. I'm very proud. Everyone was fantastic. So lovely to see." - Lindsay

"Just to say thank you very much for organising such an amazing event. We were so impressed with all the performances and it was such a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon! We really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put in to make it all happen!" - Ania

"About the recital today, it was just perfect. We were impressed by everyone's performances. They all had a sense of occasion and purpose. It's so lovely to give them that. Thank you, thank you!!! 10/10. It was lovely to hear your beautiful playing, too." - Blanca

"Lovely afternoon Susannah. A massive achievement for Ralph. Wow your students are amazing." - Emma

"Thank you for putting on a lovely afternoon. Damon enjoyed his time there. Such a lovely thing to do for your students." - Lisa

"The recital was fantastic. Well done and congratulations!" - Jayashree

"Thank you so much for Sunday! It was so well organised! We enjoyed it so much." - Alicia

"We really enjoyed the recital. Wow you have some very talented pianists. The whole event was so well done. Leon in particular was incredible. I felt very inspired and emotional listening to him" - Zoe

"I feel so inspired since the recital. Those kids play amazingly!" - Doreyn

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